Session times

You can session with me by appointment, seven days per week. I'm an entrepeneur and

and graduate student so appointments are ESSENTIAL. I am never available for same day 



A foot worship session with Mistress Katherine is a luxury,if you wish to session with Mistress Katherine,you must offer a donation.  The donation is non-negotiable. Further, your Mistress does not "barter" her creativity and skills. She is not  interested in ANY service in exchange for a foot worship session. Her rates are competitive and reflect her ability, location and the novelty of her service.

Please have the agreed upon donation amount in an unsealed envelope when you arrive. No change is available, so please bring the exact amount. NO CASH IS KEPT ON THE PREMISES.

Scheduling Policies

Life happens. If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so at least 48 hours in advance.

"No-shows" (people that do not call to cancel) must pre-pay their next session in full or they

cannot session with MistressK.

Before Mistress commits to a session, every aspect of the session and your requirements will be

discussed with her through email. If your interests are compatible, the two of you will set a mutually convenient

date and time to meet.  Last minute details will be discussed with your Mistress BEFORE the session starts. 


All calls are pre-screened for SAFETY. If  your information is false or misleading,you will not be sessioning with Mistress Katherine. In addition to a cell and/or land-line number (work phone is best) professional info, name and age- Mistress may request any of the following public records related information during the verification process. 

**Ways to Prove Your Identity Via Public Records**

Verifiable Business Information (corporate info that is verifiable ie LLC's, Dunn and Bradstreet)

Voter Registration Information

Personal or Business Websites or Blogs

News Articles written by or about you. 

References from other Dommes or Providers

Professional Licenses

Property Records

Geneological Information


Mistress Katherine values discretion and safety for herself and clients and maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regard to violence, harassment, intimidation, stalking, and other forms of buffoonery. Don't "try" Mistress Katherine- she does not suffer fools gladly. 


Mistress Katherine is ideally situated in a beautiful, safe and

easily accessible residential location in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Location information will not be provided until ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS CONFIRMED. 



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